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Brief description
A property entirely owned by Acer, quiet, located in the historic centre of the city, just 1 km from the University of Viale Allegri, 3.45 km from the AV train station and 1.6 km from the main train station of Reggio Emilia.
Includes 12 beds in 3 apartments of over 100 square metres.
Completely renovated, arranged on the first, second and third floor, with elevator, comprised of single and double rooms, modern and functional. Bed, wardrobe and desk provided for each student. In the common areas, kitchen complete with hob, microwave or electric oven, fridge, table and chairs.
Each apartment has two bathrooms and a study room with table, chairs and / or sofa.
Every accommodation have Wi-Fi.

Single room € 320 / month
Double room € 290 / month
Security deposit € 300. (general fees and utilities included in the rent)
Contract duration according to student needs, subject to availability.
Allocation of accommodation on a first-come, first-served basis.

How to apply
You can download the application and the privacy form, fill them in, sign and send them to our email address, alongside the requested documents.



Infostudenti di Acer Reggio Emilia 
only by appointment
via della Costituzione, 6
42124 Reggio Emilia
Tel. 0522/236675
Fax 0522/236699

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